Trasho Biblio Library

Launched in 2018, Trasho Biblio Library is an independent library based in Edinburgh. We curate niche collections of books including John Waters Recommends, the history of Time Square and the Re/Search publications back catalogue.

We run this as a labour of love and ALL of the membership fee goes towards new books and running costs (we don’t take a cut). This means the more followers the more books!

Although based in Edinburgh, we distribute books UK wide via post. Once you sign up for a yearly membership we will provide you a sign-up form that will generate your login for the library and you can start sifting our collection. Sadly, we can’t offer international loans at this stage.


We are offering two types of membership -

Monthly - this is for those of you who just wish to support the library but not loan books.

Yearly - this is the subscription that will provide you access to loan books form the Trasho Biblio Library

Both memberships - Although we will post content for everyone, there will be several articles per year just for subscribers.

If you have any questions about the subscriptions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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An Independent lending library with a John Waters twist. We focus mostly on subculture & forgotten modern classics. Edinburgh based but distribute UK wide. We'll be posting reading lists, long forgotten articles and more here.